Another innovation added by Wicomico Veterinary Hospital.

After long anticipation our hospital now offers Digital Radiography. This technology will identify, capture, digitize and process diagnostic x-ray images. The Fuji unit is designed to scan an x-ray image formed on an imaging plate (IP) and processed for reading on designated workstations throughout the hospital. The IP records the image information captured by an actual x-ray exposure. The image plates (IP) also have moisture resistant protective covers for that unexpected accident. As with any radiology, only trained professionals are performing these procedures on your furry family members.

The addition of digital x-ray allows our staff to perform radiographs in record time with fewer numbers of exposures, which means less radiation for your pet. The unit itself is an InnoVet generator that is a fully integrated direct digital radiography system powered by High Frequency (HF). The importance of a HF unit allows us to filter out movement of those nervous or squirmy pets, therefore reducing the amount of exposures needed for a diagnostic image. The generator itself is anatomically programmed with preset technique measurements for accuracy on the first shot. This unit also exceeds federal standards for radiation leakage protection, which is good news for your pets and the staff capturing the image. Another innovation with this unit is the addition of a table that rotates to further optimize positioning of the patient.

We could go on and on about the wonderful advantages this machine brings, but we know you’ll love it when you see the difference a little technology can make. No one ever wants their loved ones to need x-rays, but if they do you know they are receiving the best there is to offer in veterinary medicine.

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