What’s new at Wicomico Veterinary Hospital.

We are proud to announce the addition of a Reichert TONO-PEN. A TONO-PEN is a hand-held instrument that provides an Intra Ocular Pressure (IOP) reading. IOP readings are very important in the screening and monitoring for Glaucoma. The increased pressures associated with Glaucoma can damage numerous ocular structures, including ganglion cells. A ganglion cell is a type of neuron located near the inner surface of the retina that receives visual information. You’re asking yourself why a TONO-PEN is important to have. Well, catching Glaucoma early can save the eyesight of your beloved pet if the proper steps are taken.

Having your pet screened for Glaucoma is as easy as making an appointment with Dr. Brooks. The procedure only takes a few minutes and is done right in the exam room. The TONO-PEN is specially designed to fit comfortably in the veterinarians’ hand allowing for fast and accurate measurements. The TONO-PEN contains a stainless steel probe on the tip of the instrument which converts IOP to an electrical signal. A special disposable membrane cover is used to protect the tip of the TONO-PEN. The eyes of your pet are specially numbed before the procedure to insure accurate results and to insure the comfort of your loved ones. The proven reliability of this device allows veterinarians to take IOP measurements confidently anytime, anywhere and in any position.

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