April is National Heartworm Awareness Month


The first published description of heartworm in dogs in the United States appeared more than 100 years ago in an issue of "The Western Journal of Medicine and Surgery."1 Heartworm in cats was first described in the early 1920's.2, 3

Since then, naturally acquired heartworm infection in cats and dogs is identified as a worldwide clinical problem. Despite improved diagnostic methods, effective preventives and increasing awareness among veterinary professionals and pet owners, cases of heartworm infection continue to appear in pets around the world.

1 Osborne, TC. Worms found in the Heart and Bloodvessels of a Dog; Symptoms of Hydrophobia. The Western Journal of Medicine and Surgery, 1847.
2 Riley, WA. Dirofilaria immitis in the heart of a cat. J Parasitol 1922;9:48
3 Travassos, LP. Notas Helminthologicas. Brazil-Med. An. 1921;35 2(6):67

Please visit the American Heartworm Society website for more information on this deadly disease. Copy and past this link into your address bar: http://www.heartwormsociety.org/pet-owner-resources/heartworm.html for the most up to date information.

Wicomico Veterinary Hospital requires pets be tested for heartworm disease yearly. We also recommend administering heartworm prevention all year long to your dogs and cats. Please contact us for more information on heartworm disease and learn how to keep your furry friends protected.

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