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A Tour of Wicomico Veterinary Hospital

Look for our sign out front.

Welcome to WVH

Fully fenced dog walk. Antimicrobial dog turf allows for easy clean up and it always stays green!

Anesthesia machine. We only use Sevoflurane gas anesthetic at WVH

Bair Hugger unit which attaches to warming blankets to keep patients warm during surgical procedures or in ICU. Travenol fluid pump for intravenous fluid administration for all surgical procedures

CO2 Laser which can be used in place of the traditional scalpel blade to reduce bleeding, pain and recovery time


Dedicated Cat Ward

Dental suite with dental x-ray generator, dental machine, anesthesia machine, fluid pump and patient warming system

Exam Room 1

Exam Room 2

Exam Room 3 which is our dedicated cat room

Exam Room 4

FugiFilm digital radiograph processor. It captures the images from the digital plates and displays them on the touch screen monitor

High frequency x ray generator. This unit is programmed for different parts of the body to reduce exposure to your pet and to capture images safely and effectively

Idexx in-house lab machines allow for immediate blood work results for emergencies

Isolation ward for hospitalized patients with infectious diseases

Large Dog Ward

Patients in ICU and surgical recovery area

Reception Area.

Reception Area.

Small and Medium Dog Ward

Sterile surgical supplies cabinet. Items can be passed through to the surgical technician in surgery and maintain a sterile environment in the surgical suite

Surgical lights

Surgical prep area

SurgiVet surgical monitor. In addition to surgical nurses, this machine monitors heart rate, respiratory rate, EKG, blood pressure, oxygenation of the blood and much more

Treatment area

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